The Studios

Studio 1 — The Hot One

The main studio is our largest space holding up to 55 mats comfortably. Raj calls it the healing room. Thousands of classes have been taught and even more thousands of students have moved, breathed and sweated together in this space since 2011, when we opened.  The studio has bundles of natural light due to all the big windows giving it an open spacious feel. We have installed a high tech, customised heating system and non-slip, hypoallergenic flooring. We use natural essential oils to keep the studio fresh and clean. People always remark how wonderful the studio smells.



Studio 2 — The Ambient One

Our smaller downstairs studio is more intimate, with space for 12-14 mats and can be heated with a gentle infra-red heat or not heated at all. This is where we do our classes for beginners. The studio is also flooded with natural light and has lovely wooden flooring so it feels warm, airy and spacious.


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Please speak to Raj or Sarah for more information about lessions or hiring either studio.

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