One-to-one guidance for your practice

A totally different experience

Working one to one is a totally different experience for both student and teacher than it is in a group class and is of enormous benefit. It gives the student personal attention, which is difficult to receive during a class when there are many others. It allows the teacher to understand the student’s individual structure, struggles, desire, goals and ability.

By assessing this, the teacher is able to give their student the tools and direction which will help them grow and progress in a way that is completely appropriate for them. Instead of trying to fit the body into a shape… We start to see how the shape fits into our body.

Understand your practice more clearly

While each session will have a similar structure, the one to one process is a creative experience, based on your strengths and weaknesses or which elements of practice the student needs to focus on such as breath, balance and alignment of postures. Through working one to one the student understands their practice more clearly, while also cultivating greater depth and a strong awareness of themselves, which is extremely empowering.

As part of the Unlimited Anytime Membership, Raj will do this session for free and he works with you on how to ground yourself, how to use your Drishti (gaze), harness the power of your breath and how to use it properly to reveal the true potential of your practice, while also helping you to uncover some of the mental blocks which may be holding you back. He will spend time showing you how to set up postures correctly, creating good alignment for your body and how to find depth in a pose without pushing your body beyond its limits.

If you are not a member but would like to work one to one, Raj is more than happy to work with you. Or, if you have a particular teacher you really vibe with, you can book with them also. The price for an individual session is £75 for one hour.


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Our yoga journey is endless and having a little help and encouragement along the way is really helpful. These one-on-one sessions are invaluable.

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