Safe Yoga During Covid-19

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Raj Yoga with Class Upward Stretch

We’ve altered the way we will be using our space to make sure everyone remains as safe as possible. We will monitor the number of people in reception at any one time; there will markings on the floor so the correct distance is clear for queuing and for mat placement inside the studio. There will be a one way flow, … Read More

Stronger Together

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“There is a part of each if us that would like to miss the point – a part of each of us that wants to believe there is no magic, no mystery, that our own life is not blessed and sacred, that our days are not a miracle and that we are not connected to all living beings as a … Read More

Kundalini Yoga

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This year for me was all about developing and deepening my own practice and finding something to train in that would really inspire me. As ever be careful what you ask for in life. The universe presented kundalini yoga and OMG it was just what I’d been looking for!! Yoga is a science as such, but Kundalini Yoga takes it … Read More

The Essence Of Yin

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Since introducing Yin to the studio its had a deep and profound effect on everybody’s practice. It really goes to the essence of yoga as we’re able to transcend the body and leave the posture behind and begin to look at a much deeper aspect of ourselves. It shows us how much our mat is mirroring our lives and how … Read More

Gratitude and intentions for 2020

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Every year at this time I reflect back over what’s happened in the last 12 months and look at what I appreciate and am grateful for, what I’m happy to let go of or want to change and what I want to call in for the coming year. This year I want to focus on: Health Freedom Personal Growth I … Read More

Why Do A 30 Day Challenge?

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In January we focus on the 30 day challenge – building a daily practice into your routine for 30 days. It gives your body & mind a detox and reset, it creates a new discipline into your life and it starts the year with a positive, powerful energy. It shows you the potential of your practice when you are practicing … Read More

Space for renewal, time for growth

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Having just returned from a retreat I can honestly say its the best kind of ‘break’. A retreat doesn’t just give you a holiday, it takes care of your wellbeing also.  Our yoga retreat in Kerala combines the relaxation, enjoyment and space of a beach holiday with time everyday devoted to caring for your body & mind through morning practice of meditation … Read More

The Power Of Drishti

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 “Drishti means gazing point. Drishti improves concentration and brings about a realization of oneness during the practice. With the gaze focused in one place during our practice, we can be more present in the postures. This focus and awareness can carry over into our daily life.” R. Sharath Jois  We all know how easily distracted our minds are. Having a point … Read More

Its all in the breath…

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The breath is intimately connected to our life force energy, what yogis call Prana. In a yoga practice, the breath is the most fundamental point of awareness, everything gets built on its foundation. If we aren’t breathing well our life force becomes depleted and we lose our vitality. Blockages get created in the body – not only our physical one … Read More

The Niyamas

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We’ve been writing about about Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga for the last few months – detouring last month to talk about “The Middle Way”as I was talking about it a lot in class. The 8 Limbs is a yogi’s roadmap for a creating harmony, purpose and self mastery. It gives us tools for managing and transforming the busy chaos of the mind and moving consciousness … Read More