Your experience is the teacher

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“There are moments in your life when you have had an experience that you know you will have to carry with you to your grave because you are quite unable to find words with which to communicate the experience to anyone”

“You can get someone to teach you things mechanical, or scientific or mathematical like algebra or English or riding a cycle or operating a computer.

But in the things that really matter life love, reality, God no one can teach you a thing. All they can do is give you formulas. And as soon as you have a formula you have reality filtered through the mind of someone else” – Anthony de Mello

We are giving a formula. A formula for better health, a bit more peace and greater happiness through movement, self awareness and deeper breathing. A way to tap into your source of energy, calm your mind and open your heart. A way to let things go without having to relive them over and over.

None of it happens without you. Your experience is the teacher.

Its an awesome formula and over the years I have so inspired by the ways people change. Seeing this process happen is what is so amazing about being a yoga teacher.

I have terrific teachers at my studio who will both nurture you and also push your boundaries so that you grow and progress. A teacher is there to guide you through the asanas but the real yoga is inside you, which is something a teacher can’t show you…and that’s beautiful. Its your unique experience.

You take from the formula what is beneficial to you. Different elements are going to work for you at different times and at different stages of where you are, not only in your practice but day to day. Sometimes you might need to stay at the beginner level if you are trying something new or you are injured, tired or struggling. Other times you might be ready to go more advanced, move on to the next stage or try something you’ve not done before.

The point is to grow in self awareness, sense where you are and come home to your body. How is your body feeling? What’s your energy doing? What’s happening with your breathing? These are all cues for you to be able to work out if something is right and working for you or not.

Yoga is showing you the way to go deeper into into your experience through the awareness of the breath and awareness of the body, the sensations, the feelings and emotions. Sensations are the voice of your inner teacher, tuning you into what’s happening inside.

Your breath is one of the best tools for observing yourself during your practice. Notice where you direct your breath changes and deepens your experience.

As does time. Remaining in a posture over time and consciously breathing you can feel the changes in the body as things release and let go, finding that point of stillness right on the edge.

With time and patience 😉 this is also going to open you up to life, not just lengthen your hamstrings!

Off your mat maybe you’ll notice your breathing when you get into certain – maybe stressful – situations and slow it down once you become aware of how you’re feeling.

Maybe you’ll catch yourself in a tense moment and change your behaviour rather than letting it escalate.

Maybe you’ll allow yourself the risk of being vulnerable.

Maybe you’ll be more receptive and sensitive to others.

We have so much inside us to be expressed. All we need to do is remove the blocks.

There are many false beliefs around yoga. Like you need to be flexible. That you have to be good. That its only for certain people. Absolutely none of that is true.

Is it going to benefit you to try and look like someone else who has a completely different body to you?

The ONLY TRUE benefit to you is to try and do what you can, with as much awareness as you can, as best you can. And if you keep doing that, you get a little bit better every time. And then wow! you have the keys to the kingdom!

And like life, it will will give you times of amazing joy and exhilaration and confidence and also frustration and challenge and sometimes struggle. Its the whole symphony. That’s the journey!

Enjoy your practice 🙂

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