Treating emotional/psychological issues with Acupuncture

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Many people think of acupuncture as being useful for pain or muscular/skeletal issues, but did you realise acupuncture can be really helpful for psychological/emotional issues?

Very often, these correlate with physical symptoms, such as stress or anger causing neck pain, or the feeling of worry that appears in the stomach.

Emotional issues can also often manifest themselves in forms of dependency (food,drink,drugs, etc) or phobias.

From a traditional acupuncture perspective, every system in our body exerts an effect on our physical and emotional selves.

When different systems are out of balance, just as they may create issues with digestion, or headaches, or pain, they can also create issues such as excessive worry, obsessive thinking, jitteriness, nervousness, irrational fear, panic attacks, inability to focus, or mental tension.

We can therefore treat both the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual aspects of pain or suffering using the same acupuncture points.

Acupuncture uses a systematic, whole body approach to achieving wellness, helping unify mind and body. In Chinese medicine, body is mind, and mind is body.

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