The Middle Way

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”In practising we attempt to find our own frequency “

Norman Blair

With our practice we are tuning in…. Not tuning out!! looking for our own unique frequency. The sweet spot between effort and ease is where Yoga sits waiting patiently for you to acknowledge it.

This spot is in the middle of comfort and challenge… an important space in your practice as its the place that you learn and grow from. Its the space of inquiry and investigation. 

When we are challenged change occurs; from comfort there can be ease. 

Too much challenge can make us broken, depleted an defeated. Too much comfort and we can become complacent, passive, un-resilient. Stress to the body is needed to maintain health but too much can be damaging. If it is too challenging then it becomes a struggle to stay in the shapes. Too comfortable and we lose interest and the focus goes. 

The edge for me is the place where you can let go.. you move consciously to your boundary and stay and then feel the posture without doing anything more. 

This is a space of attention and intention – not straining to go deeper or pulling away but being exactly where you are. The mind is programmed to think it has to create friction…. burn energy and struggle to validate the posture….. Yoga teaches us effort with ease.

When we are fighting our own restrictions we become easily exhausted. When we struggle with the fact we are struggling, this adds more boulders to the mountain we already encounter. 

The edge is a place that moves. One day it will be one way in your body the next you will feel it somewhere else… and the direction isn’t forwards, its always inwards. Depending on the time of day or what you’ve been doing before coming to practice can impact where you feel you can go, so always listening to the body to guide us. 

The edge is not only a physical place but a mental and emotional one also. 

So play around with it because this will draw you into right now. .. to what is happening now, on this day, in this class, at this time. Lessening judgment and opening up to being curious about what is actually there. Its a conversation you are having with your body, you are listening through feeling. “sensations are the voice of the guru within “ Our attention is on the sensation, the breath, the movement of energy and our intention is to embody an even presence and awareness. This is a process. This is our practice.

As Norman says: the practitioner is the person in charge; too often we allow postures to take precedence over person. Instead of the asana being the answer, let it be the question??

Can we drop the tension and find the place where we can hold steady. Your breath is your ally. Use it to keep the mind from wandering  and as a barometer for how the body is doing. It can create more space for you to move into or keep you right on your edge, rhythmically keeping you tuned in to the beat of your own drum.

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