The Exhilaration of Discovery

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“Stay in beginner’s mind. Never leave beginner’s mind,” because in beginner’s mind, the possibilities are infinite. They’re open. Anything can happen. You’re open to learn anything you need to learn. If your view of something needs to change, you’re open for it to change. No matter how deeply you have seen something, no matter how much you think you know something, stay in beginner’s mind. Don’t get rigid. ”


I love this quote because it describes so beautifully the journey of discovery and finding new yoga has been such a discovery for me. I know this sounds crazy because yoga is what I do but I was locked into one sequence of postures for such a long time with no interest in, in fact resistance to, trying anything else. When that shift came it was exhilarating… I entered into this new realm of exploration. My mind was blown! I was shocked to realise how much my rigidity had held me back.
It was in a Kundalini class that I heard the line “We’re just making different shapes with our bodies” which resonated with me really deeply and you probably hear me saying it a lot in class at the moment. It really takes the emphasis off the posture and puts it more into you. Yoga then becomes about the space you create in yourself while you are doing the posture and where its coming from and I love that.
Staying in beginners mind means you’re willing to have a go, have fun and even have a laugh and through the process there’s discovery and you grow – which is the best part. It means you still have places to go.
I’ve introduced a bunch of new things to the studio for you to try already and it will continue to evolve, with meditation and Yin yoga classes coming in the New Year.
A change of heart, a change of mind and whole new lease of life!

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