Stabilising Your Mind

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“One of the most important things in life is to be able to find a sense of inner stability because its this foundation that allows us to look into the nature of our experience in a clear and objective way”


Yoga, and especially meditation, create stability in the mind.
Unless we can find this inner stability in our lives, we will be constantly pushed around by whatever experience or thing that happens to us or the next person we encounter.

We’ve all been there…you get to class early, set up your mat in a good spot and then someone arrives late, puts their mat right in front of you and you can’t focus for the entire class…or maybe you have someone next to you who can’t stop fidgeting…or those days in the room when it feels like 50 degrees and there’s no air…your whole balance gets completely thrown off.

Yoga and meditation increase our awareness and capacity not to get carried away with the internal pattern that reacts to whatever situation we find ourselves in. This means if anything happens which doesn’t go exactly as we want it to (and lets face it this is life!) we aren’t thrown completely off kilter. Cultivating this inner awareness gives us stability and a certain kind of objectivity.

Very simply, meditation is the art of being still, which you can do by sitting in silence. It acts as a perfect mirror, which reflects our relationship with ourselves, life, and the present moment. It is also the art of allowing everything to simply be and letting go of the effort to control and manipulate our experience.

When you are new to meditation, it’s good to start with ten to fifteen minutes dedicated to being silent and then as you feel comfortable sitting for that amount of time, increase it by 5 minute increments until you can sit comfortably for around 30 minutes. But even sitting in silence for fifteen to twenty minutes a day will begin to form an inner composure of stillness and stability within you.

From this week I am adding in a 10 minute guided meditation to the end of some of my classes, to bring this element into your practice and deepen your experience. And in the New Year there will be a couple of 30 minute Guided Meditation classes, which are totally dedicated just to stillness. These can be done before or after you practice.

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