Space for renewal, time for growth

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Having just returned from a retreat I can honestly say its the best kind of ‘break’. A retreat doesn’t just give you a holiday, it takes care of your wellbeing also. 

Our yoga retreat in Kerala combines the relaxation, enjoyment and space of a beach holiday with time everyday devoted to caring for your body & mind through morning practice of meditation and two different yoga classes every day with Raj – morning and evening. You are nourished by delicious, fresh, healthy food. Your spirit is enriched by the beautiful landscape… trees everywhere, lush gardens, gorgeous sandy beaches and sea for miles. You make new friends. 

But most importantly you are spending time on yourself, refocusing your energy,  giving yourself some space to recharge, reset and renew… or even transform. 

Journeying to India, which is the birthplace of yoga has a certain magic about it. Having yoga as the focus every day, to grow and deepen your practice, opens you up in new ways, takes you more inward, reduces the internal noise and allows you to become more in tune with the true being you are. It creates shifts in your body, mind and energy and you notice some of the more subtle elements of your practice, beyond just the physical.

Being in a different culture and surroundings, opens up your senses in new ways so you engage with your environment differently. It offers a new perspective, bringing new insight. You have the time to slow down and appreciate things, become inspired and engage with your creativity.

Our bodies and minds want to heal and return to a state of equilibium, which happens if we give them the attention they need and a nurturing environment, away from the usual distractions. If you are going through a change or transition of some kind, a retreat really supports whatever you are experiencing and helps you to process what you are going through. 

Its not until you can pull yourself back a little and create a bit of space that you can see what’s going on in your life and whether it’s really what you want.

Making space for yourself opens up the possibility for different ways of being. Space creates choice. Having a choice about how you react to things or if you even react at all gives you much greater freedom. You are in the drivers seat, instead of life dragging you through it. 

As human beings we are constantly evolving but it can be very easy to get caught on the treadmill of the mundane and lose the connection to ourselves. Understanding ourselves and the relationships we have with our mind, the things and people in our life and the world we live in is where our growth happens and we become more in tune with what really matters to us.

Maybe its time 🙂

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