Reasons for a 30 Day Challenge

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A 30 day challenge is 30 classes in 30 consecutive days. With summer not too far away spring is the time to detox ourselves, move more than we did in the winter and fire up our energy. Get ourselves fit and looking great and feeling fantastic!
Come on you know you want to!!! Don’t make me have to come looking for you? The mind can say whatever it wants……. The breath says you can!!

It will:
get you fit
help you to lose weight
detox your system 
strengthen your muscles (ones you didn’t know you had ;))
increase your flexibility
give you loads of energy
help you to sleep
help you to breathe
help you to focus
calm your monkey mind
It will start the journey to come home to yourself

When you practise every day you start to nail some of the things that have been eluding you. Some of the things you’ve been hearing the teacher say can suddenly penetrate and things click.

You start to feel and notice what’s going on inside you, how you move, how your body feels, how your breath is behaving. Your body and mind become much more in tune so the body-mind connection starts to integrate as a fundamental part of your practice!! 

You realise the boundaries of your body and then often you surpass them. You come up against the limitations in your mind and then push through those too.

We start with this outward quest (physical structure, trying to get it right). Then we develop the inward quest (mental & emotional stability). Finally the innermost quest, being at ease in our essential nature.

One thing you really notice is that your yoga practice is not linear, it can vary wildly from class to class, even if you are doing the same postures you were the day before. It teaches you patience and acceptance.

Your body and your mind are different every day, so it teaches you to be present to whatever is going on that day and to take the good with the bad. Accepting things as they are and not how we thing they should be! You’ll find that this skill starts to translate over into your life as well.

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