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The New Year is always a time of reflection and looking back over 2015, while there are some things I am happy to let go of, there is so much I am grateful for. The tough times have made us grow and the good times have been inspiring.
In assessing last year and the changes we made with introducing new classes, one thing we realised we could do better is to improve the schedule to make it more accessible. Lack of time is the biggest issue that we hear from our yogis so from next week we will be adding in more shorter classes, more variety and more class times to choose from.
I also feel that this year I’d like to help people to slow down by offering more mindful practices such as Yin Yoga and Meditation which are also really important to have a more balanced and rounded practice/life. As everyone seems to get more stressed, more pressured and busier. These practices will help provide an antidote and hopefully a doorway back to that place within you which is more calm, more centred and more at peace. Ultimately that is what we are trying to do in yoga- get ourselves out of our heads and more grounded in our bodies, in the process building the connection with who we really are.
There was this quote from last year that has really stayed with me: “Is your practice happening to you or is it happening from you” We could also apply this quote to our lives.

We are always listening to you and if we can serve you in any way that is going to help you and your practice we would love to hear it.
Here’s to an inspiring and great 2016! And once again thank you for all your support as we move into the New Year.

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