You only need one thing to do yoga..

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You really only need one thing to do yoga. It’s not strength or flexibility or good balance because those things happen anyway. It’s commitment…..commitment to you!!

Commitment doesn’t just mean going to class several times every week, although that’s a big part of it. It also means being present when you are there. Being committed aligns the body and mind.

Yoga postures are keys to unlock our bodies. That is why postural alignment is so important. You can’t open the locks with the wrong keys. The posture is the key and alignment is the teeth on the key which open the door. A teacher will guide you but you have to find the grooves which fit the lock of your body. That is the journey of your yoga practice.

Achieving the things that you want..a healthy body, calm mind, more energy and happiness will come through your sustained practice over time. We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.

A good sequence of asanas combined with conscious breathing is going to change the way your body feels and functions. And It’s not just the poses you do, but also the attitude you do them with which has an affect on the mind. By listening to your body and tuning into your breath and awareness, you unlock the spaces and the magic happens.

The mind and the body are not separate, they are very much connected. Yoga is working on the body-mind, harmonising the two. Your commitment strengthens the connection, helping it to grow both in your physiology and your awareness.

This body mind connection has incredible power for transformation. Dr Kelly Brogan MD, an American psychiatrist explains how she uses diet change, yoga, meditation and breathing techniques rather than drugs to treat her patients with unbelievable results. You can read about it here

It’s easier to access our feelings through the body than it is through the mind. Once we start to stretch our body beyond our habitual holding patterns, we can release long held emotions and energetic blockages.

Being committed allows you to go so much deeper into the yoga because it takes you from hovering at the edge to being in the full experience.

Being conscious in this way makes you grounded and gives you control over your mind rather than it controlling you.

The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes.

Our commitment is to be here for you. Lets do this together.

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