Making Our Space Covid Secure

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Here are the key things that we are doing to make our studio Covid-secure based on guidelines from the government and UK Fitness.

  • We have decreased capacity to 45% of our previous capacity (pre pandemic), with 2 metre distance between each mat space. We have clearly marked the floor with yellow/orange lines to indicate the correct position for each mat
  • We have adjusted the schedule to allow longer turnaround times between classes.
  • We are asking everyone to prebook their class to facilitate an easy flow of movement through reception. We have a different entrance and exit so that movement remains one way. Should queuing be required we have clear markings for social distancing
  • The studio is thoroughly sanitised before every class using a fogging machine, which disinfects the entire room in under 5 minutes
Santiser Machine
Rensair Hospital Grade Air Purifier
  • We have installed a Rensair Air Purifier in the studio. This machine uses HEPA13 filters and ozone-free UVC light, to kill more than 99.97% of airborne bacteria, viruses and other airborne pollutants, including coronavirus. These machines are used in leading hospitals & the NHS. Rensair’s effectiveness against airborne pollutants has been tested and verified by the world’s top laboratories
  • Windows are opened and fans turned on between classes in order to properly ventilate the room
  • We are doing temperature checks on arrival for students and staff.
  • There are two hand sanitising stations as you enter reception and by the studio door
  • Studio mats and props have been removed from general use in order to maintain a high standard of hygiene
  • There is a designated changing area for women and showers are available at certain times on an appointment basis
  • Reception and helping hand staff sanitise all touch points and communal areas throughout the day.
  • The studio, communal areas and changing rooms are rigorously cleaned every evening

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