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The blackboard in the juice bar shows people’s intentions for 2016. I’m really struck by how many people’s intentions aren’t about achieving specific goals but actually changing certain things within themselves and in their state of living/wellbeing.

When you practice yoga, the intention you bring to your practice and the energy behind it, has a much bigger role to play than how strong or flexible you are. Intention is incredibly powerful because it changes the emphasis from what you are doing to how you are doing it.

For example if your intention is to do every posture perfectly and not stop once, you are going to beat yourself up every time you fall out or don’t look like the bendy gymnast in the front row. But if your intention is to do the postures to the limits of your body and stay connected to your breath it is a completely different ballgame, you are going to have a totally different experience…one that is going to challenge you and also change the relationship you have with yourself. This is what yoga is to me.

I say this all the time……… Read it carefully and allow it to soak in to your practice

“An advance practice is not in the posture, the sweat or the heat but in the breath. And not just the breath but our relationship to it.”

Yoga is a practice from the inside not the outside and the relationship we cultivate through our breath and the intention we bring to our mat is where the magic is. It doesn’t really matter how well you can bend your body, its ALL about what’s happening to YOU in the process.

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