How boxing and hot yoga go hand in hand

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I am a professional boxer competing at national level and in my last fight (29th October) attending the Hot Yoga Wimbledon classes was a crucial part of my pre fight build up which led to be a success. The victory put me into the top 20 in the United Kingdom. I also gained recognition from Sky Sports in doing so.I am familiar with a wide range of sports and have been actively competing for years. From football, to basketball, to distance running and boxing I have had competitive experiences in all fields.
9 years ago I picked up boxing and have been training and fighting ever since. My training involves running, cycling, swimming, circuits, weights, climbing and other dynamic exercises. Most of these activities are high impact and can be harsh on the body. Like many other sports persons I am guilty of not spending adequate time stretching pre and post training. I get away with it as I am young but I won’t be able to for ever. In attempt to correct this bad form I looked into yoga to make sure that I was adequately stretching my limbs, joints and muscles for at least an hour each week.
I attended some regular yoga classes which were good. They helped me to stretch more and it added something new to my regime. Once a week was enough for me as I only saw it as my weekly stretching. A round a year later I discovered Bikram yoga which I’d heard of it but didn’t no much about. I attended a few classes at Wimbledon and to my discovery was amazed at how incredible it was. The heat, the dynamic positions, the focus and concentration needed to operate under the conditions. All these elements are present when I am in a fight and being in the Bikram yoga room is the closest thing to it I have ever experienced. The physical effects are great in that you completely sweet out releasing toxins and helps to clean the skin, it is also good for your lungs and breathing also not forgetting how it is helping your body to become more subtle and flexible. On top of all of this it mentality strengthens and conditions you for the harsh sports environment you may be competing in.
They say with sports due to the high Impact you should rest your body when have been very active to ensure recovery but I find with yoga I use it to prompt recovery after an active session or week. I feel I have the freedom to practice daily and not endure the risk of getting inured. With Bikram yoga I feel at the end of a session as though I have had a full work out despite using it to recover. There is definitely a positive physiological effect.

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