Why go on a yoga retreat?

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Creating space in our lives for ourselves is difficult to do. We have so many things that need our attention…work, kids, partner, friends and other stuff that we commit to. Not only that but technology enables us to be more distracted than ever, making it even harder to switch off. Logout and reset.

A consequence of this busy-ness and distraction is that often we find ourselves pinballing our way through our day, reacting to one situation then the next, being pulled around whatever emotional state we find ourselves in and not really feeling we have very much choice.

We totally lose sight of who we are.

Its not until you can pull yourself back a little and create a bit of space that you can see what’s going on in your life and whether it’s really what you want.

Making space for yourself opens up the possibility for different ways of being. Space creates choice. Having a choice about how you react to things or if you even react at all gives you much greater freedom. You are in the drivers seat, instead of life dragging you through it.

As human beings we are constantly evolving but it can be very easy to get caught on the treadmill of the mundane and lose the connection to ourselves.

Understanding ourselves and the relationships we have with our mind, the things and people in our life and the world we live in is where our growth happens and we become more in tune with what really matters to us.

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