Safe Yoga During Covid-19

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Raj Yoga with Class Upward Stretch

We’ve altered the way we will be using our space to make sure everyone remains as safe as possible. We will monitor the number of people in reception at any one time; there will markings on the floor so the correct distance is clear for queuing and for mat placement inside the studio. There will be a one way flow, with different doors for entering and exiting the building.

Raj with Industrial Cleaning More frequent cleaning

We do a thorough clean of the studio daily but in addition we will be sanitising the studio room & all communal areas before and after every class.

Hand Sanitiser Applied Hand sanitising stations

You will find places to sanitise your hands in both reception and the studio.

Raj Socially Distanced More staff

We will have more staff on each shift to monitor social distancing & ensure all cleaning is carried out.

Answers to commonly asked questions

Have you changed your opening times?

Yes, we have adjusted the schedule so that there is a big enough gap between classes so that essential cleaning can be done. Please keep checking the timetable for the updated schedule

Are you restricting numbers?

Yes. The floor has been remarked with new yellow lines showing where mats must be placed to adhere to social distancing of 2 metres.

Will I have to book?

Yes. Booking will become essential – you won’t be able to attend a class unless you have booked in advance.

Will you still provide mats and blocks?

No – you will have to bring all your own equipment such as a mat or blocks if you need them, especially if you are coming to a Yin class

Will you be doing temperature checks?

Yes, we will also be doing temperature checks for all yogis on arrival.

Booking is essential to ensure the right numbers attend classes and to avoid disappointment

Can I shower?

Yes but only at certain times. If there is not a class after the one you are attending you may book a 10 minute shower slot afterwards. You can do this via the timetable page of the website or in the appointments tab on the Mindbody app

Is there somewhere I can change after class?

Yes – we have converted our smaller studio into a changing area so you can get out of your sweaty clothes before you go home.

Will there still be virtual live streamed classes?

Yes, you will still be able to catch a live steamed virtual class if you don’t want to come to the studio. We will offer one morning class and one evening daily.

Can Covid-19 be transmitted through sweat?

No, it cannot spread through sweat. The virus is spread via droplets from the mouth or nose

Is the studio higher risk than other enclosed spaces?

No, as long as social distancing is observed the risk is the same as for shops or work places. Proper ventilation greatly reduces risk by dispersing the air and our heating system constantly brings in fresh air from the outside so new air is constantly being circulated. In addition we will open the windows and vent the room between every class.

Does heat kill Corona virus?

The hot air in our studio passes through a heat exchanger before being pumped into the room. Our heating engineer has explained to us that the air entering the room via the heating system is fresh air from outside and not recycled air from inside the room.

After doing a bit more reseach we found out once it has been through the furnace, the air temperature when released is around 90 degrees plus.

As Sars is also a Coronavirus it could make sense that Covid-19 would die through this process of being exposed to such a high temperature.

I bought a pass before lockdown, can I reactivate it?

Yes – any unused passes will be extended to reflect the amount of time we have been closed. So you can use up whatever is remaining. Please get in touch with us J. We will be contacting our monthly subscribers about unfreezing or moving from virtual to a regular subscription.

Ready to clean!

Should I wear mask?

We will provide them if you want to use one and also bear in mind a mask doesn’t protect the wearer only those around them.

Should I wear gloves?

Again, we will provide them if you wish but gloves actually harbour a higher viral load & contaminate surfaces. Washing your hands regularly is far more effective.

Can I clean my kit after I’ve used it?

Yes, we will provide wipes and spray for you to sanitise your mat and props after use.

We are keeping the surfaces clean throughout the day and giving you the chance to do the same

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