Calling all warriors!

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A 30 day challenge is 30 classes of yoga in 30 consecutive days. It only takes the human mind 21 days to break old/bad habits….so we made it 30 days just to nail it. And to make it truly a challenge.

It will:
get you fit
help you to lose weight
detox your system
strengthen your muscles (ones you didn’t know you had ;))
increase your flexibility
give you loads of energy
help you to sleep
help you to breathe
help you to focus
calm your monkey mind
It will start the journey to come home to yourself

When you practise yoga every day your practice improves in yards instead of inches. You start to nail some of the things that have been eluding you. You build your balance, your strength and your focus. You start to understand and bring in some of the details -strong grip, right alignment, coordinating movement to breath. You start to feel and notice what’s going on inside you, how you move, how your body feels, how your breath is behaving. Your body and mind become much more in tune so the body-mind connection starts to integrate as a fundemental part of your practice!!
We start with this outward quest (physical structure, trying to get it right). Then we develop the inward quest (mental & emotional stability). Finally the innermost quest, being at ease in our essential nature.

One thing you really notice is that your yoga practice is not linear, it can vary wildly from class to class, even if you are doing the same postures you were the day before. It teaches you patience and acceptance. You realise the boundaries of your body and then often you surpass them. You come up against the limitations in your mind and then push through those too.

Your body and your mind are different every day, so it teaches you to be present to whatever is going on that day and to take the good with the bad. Accepting things as they are and not how we thing they should be! You’ll find that this skill starts to translate over into your life as well.

Sarah’s thoughts when she did her challenge:
“Perhaps the most awesome thing you’ll learn from doing a challenge is not necessarily the postures but how you’re doing them. I became so much more in tune with my body and mind. I realised how many of the things I was tellling myself weren’t true. I learnt so much about how the process of persistence works. While the big goal was amazing when I reached it (and no one was more surprised than me when I got there ;)), it was actually the little things that happened everyday that were the most rewarding. Its a cliche but I realised that the journey is the most important thing and the small, consistent things I did along the way gradually made a big change. As we focus more on the present the destination isn’t as important.
Having that time for myself every day was also a real gift.
My practice today is about being present and in my breath… The postures are a vehicle for connecting to myself”

The beautiful thing about doing a challenge collectively is that you’re not doing it alone. It makes it SO much more fun. You have support the whole way. On the bad days when your spirit needs a lift and on the good days when you want to share your joy with a like minded soul. The synergy of a group of people doing something together with a strong purpose creates a powerful energy that really elevates everyone doing it and creates a real sense of community.

I’m talking to Marta about doing Kundalini class half way through the challange, which looks at our addictive nature….. Could be caffine, nicotine, alcohol, chocolate you get my drift????
Watch this space!!!

An incredible healing, cleansing, powerful, postive way to start the year. Let’s rock it out!!!

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