Bikram Yoga & the toughest footrace in the world

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Today we wanted to highlight a different angle as to why people do Bikram and what it means to one individual in particular.

You may have seen Kevin Webber in the studio virtually every day for the last few weeks and wondered why he always seemed to be here…well Kevin runs ultramarathons and he left on 7th April to compete in The Marathon Des Sables, billed as the toughest footrace in the world. This race involves running 257 kilometres across the Sahara desert over 200 foot sand dunes that go on for 10 miles at a time then climb mountains that require ropes to get over. Not only that but the race is one of self sufficiency so Kevin has to carry a 30 pound pack with all his food, clothes etc for the week.

Kevin said “I did Bikram last year for the first time to acclimatise myself for the desert heat where it gets to 50c most days and it worked a treat so this year it was a no brainer to do it again”. What Kevin didn’t bargain for however were the other benefits of Bikram “ I was carrying a few niggly injuries before I came last year and the blend of stretching and strengthening had me 100% fit for the race, I never had any issues apart from blisters!”

So what has changed this year for Kevin? “ I guess my extra challenge is that I was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer 29 months ago and given as little as two years to live so whilst last year was a struggle following chemotherapy and radiotherapy this year has had a gradual build up of muscle wasting drugs that are essential to keep me alive”. “I really noticed how much more my joints and muscles have hurt this year so yet again, the Bikram has helped me ease the soreness and I feel prepared as I will ever be to take on the beast of a race again”

If you want to follow Kevin’s exploits you can track him each day of the race (Sunday 9th to Friday 14th starts at 9-00am daily) by going to from Saturday onwards. Kevin’s number is 1041. He will also welcome emails of encouragement that he gets given each evening from the same link.

Understandably Kevin is raising funds for Prostate Cancer UK as he says “So that by the time my kids are my age they will never have to tell their kids that they have terminal cancer like I have had to”, if you feel able to support this cause and/or want to read more of Kevin’s story please visit

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