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Our hot, warm or cool yoga classes in Wimbledon

Our studio is a sanctuary away from the world to cultivate connection with ourselves, restore balance to our bodies and harmonise our inner space, through the practice of breath and movement with awareness.

It’s a community of people from all walks of life who simply love yoga for the benefit it gives to them. They support and encourage each other, share things together and often grow relationships beyond the mat

We offer teaching and guidance from brilliant instructors who we encourage to share their skills and knowledge with authenticity, positive energy and humour – some even play really good tunes!
We add heat to our classes for its health benefits and healing quality. We warn you now…it becomes totally addictive!!!
We encourage you to become still, be silent and look inside.

These are our core values:


Inner Space




Positive Energy

Words cannot truly express the value of yoga: it has to be experienced!

We boast 2 beautiful studios. The hot room on the first floor and studio 2 which is our ambient studio on the ground floor. Our studio offers a wide range of classes, including beginners classes at the weekends for our new students.

We offer several different styles of yoga, so that you can move your body in different ways. A variety of movement, which uses the body completely, is not only good for overall balance, it’s great for the mind as it keeps us stimulated and present.

The breath is the foundation and the key to all yoga.

It is the tool you can use to bring your system from an overworked and overstimulated state to a calm, relaxed and grounded one. It eases stress and anxiety which are epidemic in our modern lives.

All of our teachers have been carefully chosen and have their own unique backgrounds, experience and styles.

We encourage you to try classes with all of them and find the teachers who bring out the best in you and your practice. Expect to be warmly welcomed and to meet a community of people who are passionate about life changing yoga!

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