Meditation 101

Saturday November 2nd 2-4pm £25
with Eugene Sabala

This workshop is designed for beginners and individuals who have a regular meditation practice. Yogic term related to meditation will be explained. Basic techniques to help with quieting the mental chatter will be explored. Group interaction is a fundamental part of the workshop. We’ll do this through brief Q&A. Understanding what thoughts are, and how they occur is an essential part of an rewarding meditation practice.

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Yin Yoga & Reiki
Kirtan with Cacao Ceremony

Sunday November 17th 4.30-8.30pm £35

Come join this sacred event as Elizabeth holds space with Reiki Master Bonnie Jo and reiki family. Guided Yin Yoga with Reiki healings throughout. Followed by love and laughter, bliss and a little dance as we chant our hearts open.

Elizabeth will guide you through a Yin sequence to clear and cleanse the chakras whilst Reiki Master Bonnie Jo and her students attend with healings throughout.

We then lead into a banging Kirtan event. Chanting sacred mantras to heal and purify. Full of celebration and love. Joy and light as we chant and dance.

Opening our hearts to the gorgeous community of Hot Yoga Wimbledon.

This will be Elizabeth’s last event before she moves to Miami!!

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