Twists, Core & Pranayama
workshop with Dirish Shaktidas
Saturday June 15th
2-4.30pm £25

Twisting poses help to restore our spine’s natural range of motion, cleanses our organs & stimulates circulation.
By learning how to incorporate a strong focus on the core, we can improve our balance and strength and provide stability for our overall well being.

We will be breaking down, discussing and working through the correct breath and movement for seated twists, standing twists, reclined twists and even an arm balance twist!
Some of these twists incorporate a bind, this helps to open through the shoulders intensifying the twist. I will show how to explore binds safely, using props where needed.

Finally, we will put it all together in a fun, challenging flow that will allow you to integrate and solidify what you have learnt into your everyday practice, bringing mindfulness with pranayama.

This workshop is suitable for both beginners and seasoned practitioners looking to deepen and refine their understanding.

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The healing benefits of the Bikram Floor Series
with Eugene sabala
Saturday June 29th 2-4pm £20 earlybird / £25

The therapeutic healing benefits of the “Bikram” floor series is part two of a series of two workshops consisting of an in-depth look at postural alignment, the effectiveness and functional benefits of the Bikram sequence.
Continuing on from the Standing series (part 1) part two will focus on the Floor series of postures.
We will delve deeper into the anatomical structure and therapeutic benefits of each yoga posture offering in depth knowledge, tips and appropriate adjustments where needed. If you’re a beginner, this workshop will allow you to better understand the series and practice it at its best. If you’re a seasoned student, you will be able to learn key principles to take your practice to a whole new level.

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