Why Props Deserve Props
Workshop with Salma El -Ansary
Saturday November 24th 2-4pm £20

A lot of times, ‘Props’ (blocks/straps/bolsters) are typically seen as tools for new or inflexible yogis, but the reality is that these tools can actually help us in making our practice stronger, safer and more supported regardless of what your level of practice is.

Props allow us to explore our postures and overall practice from a new and fresh perspective. This workshop will teach you new techniques which will help deepen your practice and make it playful and fun!

Come and join Salma for this workshop where she will show you some of her favourite tricks with props. We will laugh, play and learn fun new ways to enjoy our practice. Once you learn the tricks, you can use them in any class at any time.

Find support and strength in new ways by learning how you can deepen your practice in this helpful and engaging workshop.

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Candlelight Yin & Kirtan with Christmas Cacao
with Elizabeth
Sunday December 16th
6pm Yin & 7.30pm Kirtan
£10 members/£20 non-members

Elizabeth will first take you through a class of classic Yin, a practice of deep stretch and stillness Yin practice allows you to sit and be and listen and know. And take the body to a place of trust and openness.

Then before we chant as one, warm frankincense cacao will be offered to open our hearts!

Cacao can seriously increase your love-ability and happiness – are you ready?

Along with a live guitarist and drummer, Elizabeth will sing mantras with the audience. Mantra is a powerful meditation technique that quiets the mind, opens the heart and brings us back to our true selves.

Sound has a very healing and transformational quality. You leave feeling light and joyful with a deep sense of connection.

Yin 6pm
Kirtan 7.30pm £10
Don’t miss it!!

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