Turning Inward : a Yin Yoga workshop & class
with Norman Blair
Sunday March 25th 2-5pm £30

We absolutely love Norman. We are super lucky to have him at our studio again this year for another one of his legendary workshops. Last year the 3 hours just melted into minutes and everyone felt like they could have stayed another 3! Norman’s delightful humour and funny stories combined with his great knowledge and ability to hold the space are what makes his workshop special.

Norman has been practising yoga since the early 1990s and started teaching in 2001. He has years of experience in teaching Yin yoga and was the first teacher to offer public Yin classes in London, back in the day! He weaves into this wonderful practice his own background of Ashtanga and Buddha-dharma meditation to be create a potent mix that is soothing, grounding and inspiring. He sees yoga as a beautiful way of being that will enhance your life, welcome you back to your body, release habitual tension and encourage a greater focus and quality of mind. His approach is about enabling accessibility, encouraging acceptance and deepening awareness.

This is an opportunity for lessening of striving and focus on feeling. Too often too much we are trying to get somewhere. This Yin yoga workshop gives us a chance to slow down and to stay in shapes for several minutes. The postures are all floor-based and we will use equipment where necessary to support practising. This is a practice where time is more important than intensity. Come along to explore taking our attention inward. Appropriate to all.

Booking is essential either online or in the studio

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Yin + Gong
Yin Yoga & Sound Bath
with Raj & Soul Aurganic Sound Healing
Sunday April 22nd 1.30-4pm

Try to drop any expectations from the session and just allow yourself to let go and go with the flow..
Everyone’s experience is different so regardless of whatever you have heard about soundbaths. The experience is unique to the person who receives it and it’s always different.
Gong meditation is a very ancient technique from Asia.. a complete soundbath that produces an amazing sense of wellbeing through the vibration of all the water within the body. Our bodies are 80% water!

Gongs help the brain reach deep levels of relaxation..specifically the Delta brain wave states, which are the lowest brainwaves in human beings. We tend to reach this stage during day dreaming or deep sleep and they are known to aid relaxation, creativity & natural healing.
Sound and music can also release chemicals like dopamine and oxytocin, a natural painkiller and hormone which allows us to trust and bond with with people. It also helps to alter our mood and how we feel.

Yin yoga gets deep into the layers of the body by moving through a sequence of postures very slowly and staying in each pose for a long time, anywhere between 3-5 minutes. These long passive stretches facilitate the release of tension and blocked energy in the connective tissue and the ligaments and help to restore balance to the energy channels of the body, called meridians.

By moving slowly, staying in each pose for a long time and placing attention on our breath, the mind also slows down and comes closer to stillness. Creating space in the body also creates space in the mind.

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