Vinyasa Flow
Workshop with Cadence Lane
SaturdayFebruary 10th 2-4pm £20

This workshop is suitable for all levels of practice from beginner to advanced.
Beginning with a 60 Vinyasa class, Cadence will focus on and break down Chaturanga Dandasana with an emphasis on core work to build upper body strength. For those of you who are in the early stages of practice, you will learn how to build upper body strength from your core whilst those of you comfortable with Chaturanga Cadence will give you micro-adjustments and help your alignment to deepen your practice.
This workshop will then focus on different arm balancing postures and give you extra information on approaching arm balancing which looks beautiful and is tough to practice because of the extra requirements of your mental focus. Arm balances require a journey inward and a letting go of the ego through the consistency of yoga practice. Cadence will encourage you to smile, to fall out of postures but with the patience and perseverance of a yogi committed to achieving the posture they want.
Once your body is warmed up from the class, Cadence will demonstrate how to build the right consistency, flexibility, and strength into your practice to help you enter and exit arm balancing postures with grace, ease, and precision. Even if you’re not ready to perform the arm balance, you will leave the workshop knowing what you need to work on.
Yoga is not a quick fix but a challenging journey and this workshop is tailored to helping you progress through Vinyasa flow classes with a better and more intuitive sense of your practice but also of alignment, breath, movement, and balance.

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Yin + Gong
Yin Yoga & Sound Bath
with Raj & Soul Aurganic Sound Healing
Sunday February 25th 2-4pm

Release & relax with yin yoga getting deep into the physical body through long passive stretches. Then resonating & vibrating into the energetic body with the sounds of gong & crystal bowls!

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Turning Inward : a Yin Yoga workshop & class
with Norman Blair
Sunday March 25th 2-5pm £30

This is an opportunity for lessening of striving and focus on feeling. Too often too much we are trying to get somewhere. This Yin yoga workshop gives us a chance to slow down and to stay in shapes for several minutes. The postures are all floor-based and we will use equipment where necessary to support practising. This is a practice where time is more important than intensity. Come along to explore taking our attention inward. Appropriate to all.
Norman has been practising yoga since the early 1990s and started teaching in 2001. He has years of experience in teaching Yin yoga and weaves into this wonderful practice his own background of Ashtanga and Buddha-dharma meditation to be create a potent mix that is soothing, grounding and inspiring. He sees yoga as a beautiful way of being that will enhance your life, welcome you back to your body, release habitual tension and encourage a greater focus and quality of mind. His approach is about enabling accessibility, encouraging acceptance and deepening awareness.

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