Moving from the Core in Vinyasa Flow
with Cadence Lane
Saturday 26th May
2-4pm £20

A workshop for your core

CORE STRENGTH. . it is the vital force that holds one steady in the asana. It helps you balance, supports you, and is the centre point of energy from each pose extends. But that is only half the story. Core strength also refers to the spiritual, ethical, and emotional essence of who you really are. In the same way that the physical muscles of your core hold you upright, so too does the more subtle essence support your life. It gives you the strength to act on your innermost values, it gives you confidence, and it puts you in touch with your truth— your purpose. It takes effort and awareness, but yoga practice provides the opportunity to evolve and to build this core strength both physically and spiritually.

Join Cadence for an in depth flowing Vinyasa class packed full of core work, but touching on all areas of the body and giving you a solid awareness of alignment and breath in each movement and pose. We will be looking at how the abdominal region is the physical core support of the body and simultaneously how yoga can help us strip away and still the fluctuations of the mind to gain a clearer perspective on our true nature that lies beneath — our spiritual core.

We will start with a brief discussion of Moola Bandha and Uddiyana Bandha — the internal yogic locks that support the lower back and correlate with the pelvic floor and lower abdominal muscles.
We will then go into an hour and half flowing Vinyasa class honouring your whole self — body, mind and spirit — nourishing your core on all three levels. There will be a brief meditation, targeted core work, flowing asanas, as well as attention to how the core supports each posture throughout the series.
We will finish with a well-deserved Savasana and guided relaxation to honour the whole being.

A strong core is so much more than just strong abs, so come along for fun and challenge and leave feeling more connected, centred and strong.

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Food for Thought
Saturday June 9th 2-4pm £20

Learn everything you need to know about plant based eating

Plant Based (or Vegan) Diets are becoming increasingly popular and talked-about. The thought of giving up meat and dairy can however still be daunting and it is always very difficult to navigate the myriad of information we’re bombarded with everyday. Despite all that we know, it can still be hard to make informed and constructive choices that will get us real and permanent results.

In this two hours workshop we will cover the fundamental principles to understand why a Plant Based Diet is optimal for permanent and sustainable weight loss.

We will also discuss some of the most common chronic diseases that can be prevented or even reversed with a plant based diet (type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer).

We will look at the most common and deceiving food myths that often prevent us from improving our eating habits and will learn effective tips to better our diet right away.

Join us if you’re interested in learning more about a Plant Based Diet or if you simply want to learn new tips and useful information about food and nutrition.

The workshop will cover:

– Benefits of a plant based diet
– Dismantling food myths
– 7 mistakes people make when transitioning
– practical tips for an easy and smooth transition (partial or total)
– some examples of recipes and meal plans

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Yin Yang & Sound Yoga Nidra:
move from stress to bliss!!!
With Dirish & Antarma
Saturday June 23rd
2-5pm £28

Join us for a 90min yoga workshop designed to celebrate both the Yin & Yang elements of yoga. You’ll start with a dynamic flow to energise the body before moving into the Yin section to calm both the mind and release any tension in the body.

Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation also known as sleep of the yogi. It is performed lying on the floor using props to allow the body to relax completely. dissolve all thoughts stresses and emotions,
Through Ancient Sanskrit Mantra Guided Meditations and Full Body Relaxation Yoga Nidra.

Feel refreshed and relaxed after bathing in relaxing sounds influenced from sacred traditions of India, the Amazon and Africa.

Integrating the tools shared in these sessions can help us to connect each day and each moment to the blissful space within and Harmonise every challenge and situation with our own inner power and peace.

There will also be some short talk about the roots of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga -Devotion and Jnana yoga-awareness of Non Duality, and how we can apply these ancient wisdom practices in daily life to Live fully Joyfully and peacefully.

Open to all levels.

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