Yin + Gongbath
with Raj & Soul Aurganic Sound Healing
Sunday April 7th 1.30-4pm £25

Release and relax with Yin yoga getting deep into the physical body through long passive stretches. Yin postures help to release  imbalances and allow your energy to flow freely throughout the body providing a sense of lightness, feeling grounded and strong connection to the self.

Then resonate and vibrate into the energetic body with the sounds of the gong & crystal bowls!

Sound and vibration help facilitate a deep sense of peace, release tension and blocked energy, and balance the energy centers in the body. 
In a Soundbath the body is literally ‘bathed in sound’, promoting a deep sense of well being and inner peace.

More than a musical instrument, the gong is a conduit for vibrational waves of energy, releasing reverberating tones of great fullness and resonance that interact with the human body on a very deep, even cellular level.

Singing bowls are excellent for meditation and clearing and balancing the body’s energetic systems. When combined with the gongs the resulting sound is out of this world!

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The Art of Healing from the Heart
Michael Hartzel
Saturday April 13th 2-4pm £20

The workshop will entail some grounding exercises, some breathing, and other exercises to open your heart and help you to love yourself a little bit more. Michael is a heart healer – all his energy comes from the heart. He will be sharing his gift and wisdom with those who want to learn more about self healing.

Michael has been working full time in the Healing Arts field since 1979 when he commenced his training with Britain’s oldest and most respected healing organization, the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH).

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Yin + Kirtan
with Elizabeth Pumer
Sunday April 14th
£7 members £20 non members
6pm Yin yoga
7.30pm Kirtan

Yin to open the body & mantra to open the mind!

Mantra means, “that which protects the mind”. It is Divine energy encased in a structure of sound. Repeating a mantra keeps the mind focused on this positive energy, so it comes in harmony with it.
The energy the vibration… the connection with the inner guide and the inner vibe.

Elizabeth will collaborate Yin with Kirtan chanting, harmonium playing and live drumming in this special event.

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