Fundamentals of Alignment & Breath – A Free Workshop

We know newcomers are keen to learn how to practice properly and can be a little unsure where to start. To introduce you gently to our studio, we run a workshop once a month to introduce you to the fundamentals of alignment breath and presence as the place from which to build a strong and powerful practice. They are carefully crafted into a one and a half hour session.

The workshop focuses on the structure and alignment of postures and correct breathing technique. It will give you a good, solid foundation and understanding of how to practice yoga the right way, healing your body and helping to centre your mind.

Doing a workshop is an invaluable tool, whether you are a beginner or a regular practitioner. They are essential for beginners to form good habits and technique and to create the necessary awareness of movement and good alignment, therefore preventing pain and injury. You will be given the right tools from the beginning to facilitate healthy movement and to start cultivating a more focused mind.

The workshops are free. At our studio we feel the more we can help you to love and grow with this powerful yoga, the more it benefits us all! Give us a couple of hours of your time and we will guarantee you a wonderful journey.

Bringing presence and awareness to your practice and emphasising the breath brings you back into your body and properly focuses the mind to bring out your true potential.

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GAIT Therapy Workshop £20
Saturday 17th June 2-4pm

What is GAIT Therapy:

A form of movement therapy that realigns your body based on GAIT/walking patterns. GAIT is based on the idea that your body innately knows how to move correctly and there is a blueprint but due to modern lifestyle our bodies have been forced to adapt to long periods of sitting at a desk, stress and lack of movement.

Constantly challenged by incorrect movement, this often leads the body into discomfort, pain and injury. Incorrect alignment can hinder any peak performance, therefore never functioning at your optimum.

Benefits of Gait Therapy:
• Improves posture, mobility and performance
• Corrects joint and muscle alignment
• Resets the body to its natural centre
• Alleviates pain, tension and muscle stiffness
• Reveals the cause of injury and pain in the body
• Improves sports performance

Join us in the GAIT therapy workshop where we will start the journey on exploring your alignment and movement therapy, this workshop will instil the balance that your body yearns for.

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An essential oils class
Sunday 18th June 2-3.30pm
£12 includes a bottle of Doterra essential oil

A 90 Minute Class showing you how to use therapeutic essential oils to optimise your health & wellbeing.
Fiona will show you how you can:
– improve your athletic performance
– use plant based medicine to support your immune system
– relieve pain & improve healing
– balance & manage emotional health
– use essential oils for relaxation motivation and much more

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Shakti Dance with Dirish
Saturday June 24th 7-8.30pm £20

Break into ecstatic movement and soul expression! An exhilarating yoga and dance experience that enhances coordination, increases your dynamic flow of energy, and awakens your creative spirit. Free your self-expression with the wildest barefoot yoga and dance workout of your life!

Open to all levels, Shakti Dance activates prana (life-force) flow in the body bringing regeneration, enhances coordination, increases stamina, and gives you a whole new repertoire of movement.
Movement is taught from its core, taught in 8 phases that you are shown how to gradually add layers to connect with your dynamic flow of energy and self-expression. Finishing with moving Meditations to reduces stress and developing inner peace and harmony.

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