Kundalini Yoga Workshop – Rise & Shine

Saturday October 5th 2-5pm £30
with Samantha Claire

This Kundalini yoga workshop will look into subtle changes that autumn lends as we move into a new season. We will work with two power kriyas to help with immunity and the nervous system. We will also be looking at how to harvest all that we have planted in the spring.
This workshop promises to be dynamic and medicine for the soul.
We will also be working with breath, dance and meditations that you can take home and apply in your everyday life.
There will also be a Kirtan at the end of the workshop which will allow us to open our heart centres and feel the divine vibration of what it possible when we open up this channel of voice and chanting.

Originally from Cape Town and now based in Copenhagen. Over the past 18 years, Samantha’s journey has led her to study and practice Kundalini yoga, dance, psychology and shamanism, as well as various spiritual and ancient esoteric teachings. As the creator of Body Choir; an ecstatic meditation movement practice, she facilitates holistic retreats throughout the UK, Europe, and South Africa. She’s drawn greatly from Five Rhythms dance, contact improvisation, shamanism, tantra, Kundalini yoga and meditation. Her work is centred around recovering balance and trust within our bodies, reconnecting to our heart center as a source of inner power and wisdom to awaken freedom within. Website : www.samantha-claire.com

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Bikram Yoga Masterclass – Standing Series

Saturday October 19th 2-4.30pm £25
with Raj Sharma

In this 2.5 hour workshop Raj will teach you all his tips for mastering the Bikram Standing Series. There will be a focus on finding the correct alignment for your body.. how the pose fits into your body rather than how your body fits into the pose!
You’ll learn the way to breathe properly and how to use your breath as an ally to get more out of your practice, and also how to direct your focus and increase your power and presence so your yoga practice becomes a moving meditation.

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