Yin Yang & Sound Yoga Nidra: move from stress to bliss!

With Dirish & Antarma, Saturday June 23rd, 2-5pm, £28

Join us for a yoga workshop designed to celebrate both the Yin & Yang elements of yoga. You’ll start with a dynamic flow to energise the body before moving into the Yin section to calm both the mind and release any tension in the body.

Yoga Nidra is a guided relaxation also known as yogic sleep. It is performed lying on the floor using props to allow the body to relax completely. Dissolve all thoughts, stresses and emotions,through Ancient Sanskrit Mantra Guided Meditations and Full Body Relaxation Yoga Nidra.

Feel refreshed and relaxed after bathing in relaxing sounds influenced from sacred traditions of India, the Amazon and Africa.

Integrating the tools shared in these sessions can help us to connect each day and each moment to the blissful space within and Harmonise every challenge and situation with our own inner power and peace.

There will also be some short talk about the roots of Yoga, Bhakti Yoga -Devotion and Jnana yoga-awareness of Non Duality, and how we can apply these ancient wisdom practices in daily life to Live fully Joyfully and peacefully.

Open to all levels.

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Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop

Saturday July 14th, 2-4pm, £20

How can Ayurveda help you improve your Yoga practice?
Yoga and Ayurveda are interrelated sciences supporting each other for a powerful outcome: BALANCE and WELLNESS.
Yoga practitioners start to remove toxins in the body when attending classes on regular basis. They can benefit from Ayurvedic knowledge about how to detoxify through diet, habits and purification methods as part of their yoga practice. Bringing Ayurveda into Yoga provides a diagnosis and treatment in harmony with Yoga philosophy.
Ayurveda is the system developed specifically for healing purposes. It provides dietary and lifestyle recommendations for health, longevity, and disease prevention as well as special methods for rejuvenation of body and mind so we can achieve our fullest potential.
We will learn how to achieve a HEALTHY DIGESTION, the very foundation of Ayurvedic health.
While tasting three simple wholesome Ayurvedic preparations, we will discuss the following topics:
~ Practical introduction to TASTES, the fundamental principle in Ayurvedic nutrition, and their intelligent combinations.

~ The importance of digestive power (AGNI) and practical dietary and lifestyle recommendation to restore and balance it.

~ Usual digestive disorders like bloating, constipation, skin disorders, heartburn, acidity or fluid retention.

~ Recommendations on how to design a practical and appealing plan based on your meals to put it into practice straight away

During this two-hour workshop we will learn how to translate years of wisdom into a modern Ayurvedic approach to life.

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