Raj Sharma

My yoga journey started in 2002. I can clearly remember my first Bikram class like it was yesterday. Little did I know then that it would change and take my life in a totally different direction.

Having worked 50/60 hours a week in the restaurant industry for over 30 years. I was amazed at how my practice alleviated stress and helped to keep me grounded and sane. At the same time bringing a lot more clarity and balance into my life.

We all have eureka moments in our lives!!! And mine was “I need to stop doing what I’m doing”… My practice gave me so much strength and support to make the jump… So in 2008 I decided to sell up and go to teacher training. I never looked back. I opened the studio in 2010 and it feels like my second home. It continues to make me grow and nurture this amazing relationship with myself.

The introduction of Yin Yoga into my life has again changed everything….. Personally I have had more insights and eureka moments on my mat practising Yin. It really goes to the heart of yoga, its essence!! I love having a space which allows me to share my passion and love for yoga through teaching, practicing and nurturing others. And I still love teaching now, more than ever before.

“When you find something that you love doing… you never have to work again!”

Raj Sharma
Shona Langridge

Shona Langridge

Yoga is the only activity I’ve ever done where all elements of myself are challenged… physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

I’ve been practising yoga for six years and teaching for three.

My first introduction to Yoga was through the practise of Bikram. I swore after my first class I would never do it again….and 6 years on, here I am, teaching it, loving it, passionate about it, invigorated by it and above all, inspired by the students that travel with me on their journeys when they step onto their mats.

I did my Bikram Teacher Training in Thailand in 2014 and since then have taught in Australia, UK and USA.

We all have to start somewhere and there is never any ending to where Yoga can take you…everything we do in our lives is some form of Yoga. There are always places to grow and develop. After 2 years of teaching Bikram, I was inspired to further my Yoga knowledge in India – training in Vinyasa and Ashtanga.

This year I plan to extend my training into Yin Yoga.

It’s hard to articulate the benefits that Yoga has brought to me – but every time I step into the hot room, I simply feel at peace and at rest: like I’ve come home, no matter how difficult it may be that day. A sanctuary that supports, nurtures, challenges, forgives and encourages growth and self reflection. There is no greater gift that we can give ourselves than being present to ourselves. Yoga, in any form, does that. It’s been a blessing that has allowed me to deal with many good, bad and ugly moments in my life. Thankfully it’s not WHAT we practise, but HOW we practise that has the impact.

One of my favourite quotes is by a Tibetan Monk:

“A human being present to himself is more precious than the rarest of gems”

Yoga has given me the gift of presence and awareness to myself which in turn has transformed my relationships externally and internally.

I would encourage anyone to use Yoga as a beautiful tool to combine physical, mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Elizabeth Pumer

2008… After going through some post traumatic stress and some serious family woes Bikram Yoga found me. The best thing that ever walked into my life and the strongest most powerful amazing relationship I ever had.

The most incredible, toughest, emotional, intense few months of my life but came out like a breath of fresh air having found where I belong in life. Since.. have been teaching all over the UK and spent a year in the USA teaching in LA, NYC, Miami… also Costa Rica, Iceland and Sedona Arizona. I also completed Jimmy Barkans 500 hours in Vinyasa flow and combine teaching both practices.

There is nothing I have more passion for than sharing this incredible gift. Finding new students and seeing how they grow and change their lives because of it. I want to further my knowledge around the world hosting retreats and spreading my gift to as many people I can… ready to learn more about Jiva and Yin and continuously keep opening and growing..

I hope you too find the wonderful gift of YOGA and take with you this practice for the rest of your life… It rocks my world!!! And I know it will yours too… ❤️

Shona Langridge
Raj Sharma

Cadence Pearson-Lane

I first discovered the magic of yoga over 20 years ago, when I moved to NYC to be a professional Contemporary dancer.

At that time all the “downtown” dancers took yoga at this tiny word of mouth studio called Jivamukti, with the amazing teachers/founders Sharon Gannon and David Life. Jivamukti has grown into a global yoga phenomenon, but back then it was my tiny sanctuary. I was there every day and these two amazing teachers transformed my life and opened my eyes to greater truths about the Universe and myself. I would come out of every class feeling like a weight had been lifted, mind open and free, body energised, yet relaxed. Having come from years of training as a ballet dancer, this kind of work of incorporating the mind, body and breath in such a challenging, yet compassionate way was like diving into Truth. Through my career as a dancer, yoga remained my personal practice and solace, and when I stopped dancing I transitioned into teaching. I passionately believe that the combination of training the mind, body and breath in tandem change one’s life on a fundamental level, and through my classes I hope to challenge people to go deep and find that inner strength and the grace of transformation through release. I have also created a line of jewellery that is about inspiring one to this place. . .. cadencelondon.com To me yoga is about going within to find that space where everything connects and all external worries, stresses, superficialities drop away as one connects to a greater source of energy. It can be challenging, dirty, messy, emotional as one strips away the layers, but it takes one to a place of balance, peace and joy. My classes focus on intelligent sequencing, linking breath to movement to build a practice that brings strength, consciousness and ease to the body and mind.

Marianna Azzurro

Being a Reiki healer Marianna also understands the importance to self healing practices through meditation and breath, which is the main focus of all her classes.

She started her journey as a child learning jazz and modern dance but an injury at the age of 14 stopped her to persevere her dancing training, an injury that led her to understand how to modify and adjust her classes to everyone’s level of practice and body injuries.
She is trained in Power Yoga from Baron Baptiste and Ana Forrest School with one of the few gurus in Europe who helped her achieving a great knowledge of human anatomy, assisting and preventing injuries during practice.
Marianna is trained in Yin Yoga with Insight Yoga with Sarah Lo endorsed by Sarah Power, a training which includes Buddhist meditation, Chinese medicine and psychology. Through different yin positions Marianna’s classes aim to achieve different energy lines in the body to stimulate the wellbeing of the physical & emotional body.

Ufuoma Asagba
Ufuoma Asagba

Eugene Sabala

From a very young age, I took a keen interest in fitness and the body, developing a wealth of knowledge through self training.

I went on to further my knowledge academically and hold several qualifications including a Diploma in Fitness and Nutrition and a Personal Trainer qualification. I recently qualified as a Physical Therapy Aide and continue developing my knowledge and understanding of the body and health with passion and dedication.
I started practising Bikram yoga in 2006 in Dallas and started competing in the Annual Yoga Asana Competitions in 2007. I was silver medalist in the 2009 Texas Regional and placed in the top 10 at the 2010 National Yoga Asana Competition. I was bronze medallist in the 2013 Texas Regional.
In 2010 I embarked on the intense Teacher Training Program and graduated as a qualified Bikram yoga teacher; since then I’ve been teaching the Bikram beginners series across studios in the US, Asia and Europe. I’ve attended several advanced seminars and lead advanced classes for many years in Texas. I treasure the opportunity to share my love of yoga with my students and see their lives change for the better through a regular practice.
Through depending my yoga practice I developed an interest in the meditative aspect of it: I’ve been attending annual Vipassana meditation retreats since 2009 also volunteering on site as a senior meditator. I am also a longtime student of energy work and have learned how to work with energy centres to release stress and tension, which are the primary sources of illness.

Dirish Shaktidas

Influenced growing up, within a Hindu household with sacred mantras, I combine my knowledge of movement, mindful meditation and sound.

With my unique blend of Shakti Dance, Yin Yoga, Eastern Philosophy, I create an inspiring, dynamic and an elevating setting.

Internationally trained by world renowned teachers and with more than ten years practice of yoga. This has created opportunities which has allowed me to share my wealth of knowledge through my international retreats in India, Bali and Greece. My work has been described as trendsetting, mindful, fresh and rejuvenating.

Kee Chan

I teach because I want everybody to realise the benefits that yoga brings, to share my passion and to be of service.

I was first introduced to yoga as a way of dealing with lower back pain. I was diagnosed with chronic sciatica in my left side (L5/S1) but have used the yoga to heal my body, mind and spirit.

In my class I create a calm and compassionate environment to bring awareness to your breath and attention to your alignment. My goal for you is to leave the class feeling better, lighter and happier. Be mindful in your movement. Be aware of how your body feels today. Be happy with whatever the outcome.

Salma El-Ansary

I decided to become a yoga teacher when I noticed a major shift in how I reacted to difficult situations in my life. Yoga makes me an overall better person; mentally, physically and spiritually.

I am Canadian of Egyptian descent. Having lived most of my life in Toronto, I moved to Abu Dhabi 9 years ago and recently decided to move to London in 2017. Having moved to many different parts of the world, I believe that connections and relationships don’t just happen by coincidence. Being a part of yoga communities in various places is such a blessing in my life and I am so excited to be a part of HYW’s vibrant and beautiful community.

Trained in heated and non-heated Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, I am certified in over 600 hours of Yoga Alliance recognised certifications from Moksha / Moda Yoga.

I love sharing my knowledge and passion for the practice of yoga with everyone; beginners and advanced practitioners are most welcome. Yoga may start off as a physical practice and a nice way to stretch / tone the body, but eventually it becomes much more than that. It becomes the practice of self-love, self-regulation and balance of mind, body and spirit. All of those things combined will create a better version of an already-amazing you.

Marija Prevost

Marta Antero

I teach yoga because I am passionate about empowering the students to develop their full potential without the self-imposed mind limitations.

I am qualified in Bikram , Kundalini, Yin , Gong Yoga , Hot Pilates, Kids and Kundalini yoga for addictive Behaviours. , I have spread my passion all over the world teaching in US, Australia and Indonesia

I love teaching the students how they can use yoga and meditation to manage their emotions and to change the way they feel.
My classes are full of energy and passion I transmit to the students. I emphasize the importance of breathing, alignment and having fun. I believe yoga is not about the poses but about controlling the mind through the breathing. I encourage the students to move beyond their comfort zone and at the same time to listen to their body. The more you focus on your breathing, the more you connect with yourself and the deeper you go into your practice

Sharka Komurkova

I teach yoga so that I can help other people feel the benefits of the practice.

I love teaching new students and firmly believe Bikram is for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition. It changes and shapes you in ways you wont believe. I also enjoy the sense of unity that comes from practicing with others and the shared joy of breaking through physical and mental challenges.

What you can expect from my classes: Fun, motivation, happiness, self discovery. It continuously challenges you. Every time you come back to your mat, ‘you start again from the scratch’ and make yourself new again; physically and mentally. “It’s never too late, you just have to try.”
After discovering Yin Yoga in July 2016 due to illness I have decided to do Yin Training in December 2016 in Bali. What an incredible experience.
Yin Yoga creates a space to surrender and is all about practicing control over reaction. In Yin yoga we are in present moment and we touch what is happening in our body, heart and mind. Bringing Yin practice into my life helped me to slow down and maintain balance and connection within my body.

Sharka Komurkova

Devina Vig

I am a Hatha Yoga instructor, obtaining my certification from The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre

I provide a holistic approach to yoga offering both dynamic and gentle classes focusing on promoting body, mind and breath control.

Having trained as a highly competitive sports acrobat during my teenage years, I initially took up yoga as a way of maintaining my flexibility. However I soon discovered the numerous benefits yoga had on my state of mind and overall wellbeing, as well as the physical improvements. This, alongside my pure love for the discipline, encouraged me to take my teacher training in 2015 and immerse myself completely in the Sivananda yogic lifestyle and philosophy.
I have been practicing various styles of yoga since my late teens; Bikram Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Fierce Grace Yoga. I believe this gives me an appreciation for a wide range of styles and levels of difficulty.

I believe my yoga practice is a continuously evolving journey which serves to inspire my teaching and I aim to provide an enriching experience for all yogis.