Bikram Basics

Bikram Basics takes place at room temperature in our lovely ambient studio 2 in a smaller group environment. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR NEW STUDENTS!!
In this class we do one set of every posture in the Bikram series with a focus on alignment and more individual attention to build your confidence with the different shapes and the heat in a slower paced class. The teacher will do some demonstrations and there is also the opportunity to ask questions on specific postures.
The class is designed to give you a solid foundation and awareness of the Bikram sequence. Great for beginners and regulars alike to give you confidence, grow your practice, and keep it thriving!!!

Fundamentals of Vinyasa Flow

The Fundamentals of Vinyasa Flow. This class teaches you the foundation of a Flow class in a small group environment. It is also taught without the room being heated, which gives you the ability to focus more on our shapes. If you don’t know your Chataranga from your Adho Mukha Svanasana this is the class for you!!
The teacher will go through the sequence slowly, breaking the postures down, giving you lots of instruction and assistance with your alignment. You will also be taught the correct way to breathe for Vinyasa Flow so you will feel much more capable and confident when you transition to the hot room.

Hot Core

Drawing from Pilates, Yoga and fitness/strength training, Hot Core combines a deep abdominal and strength training workout with sequences of dynamic movement to also boost heart rate and cardio fitness. Some infra red heat is added to the room to get things really sweaty!
You will learn how to turn on and train the core muscles in proper, safe & effective ways.
Each class has sets of different exercises which participants will first learn the HOW and then do them in an interval sequence.
In addition to the core interval sets there will be cardio movement to further challenge the core as well as building cardio stamina & strength.

Stephanie is a qualified Pilates instructor, fitness instructor and personal trainer so she knows her stuff..

Hot Pilates

IHP is a training system that combines Pilates principles with HIIT (high intensity interval training). It is an intense full body workout designed to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve overall health.

It is simple and it works – it creates quick visible results. It creates long lean muscle mass, burns fat, and increase fitness levels. It creates a strong core, improves circulation and increases flexibility. It is on a yoga mat so has zero impact, therefore protecting your joints and muscles.

It combines cardio and muscle toning in a hot room. The HIIT keeps your heart rate up, helping to burn fat. The pilates principles sculpt your body. The heat loosens the muscles and at the humidity makes you sweat – elevating your heart rate, boosting metabolism and promoting fat burn.

Dharma Yoga Wheel

They say “healthy spine, healthy life” for good reasons: the spine supports our entire body structure and allows for a good flow of the force of gravity and vital energy.

The wheel therapy class is designed to increase the flexibility of the spine and openness of the shoulders, chest and hips which are all major energy centres in the body. This is done through a series of yoga inspired movements with the aid of the wheel.

This class will not only improve your yoga practice and flexibility but most importantly will allow for great “openness and release”, making you feel both invigorated and lighter afterwards.

Ballet Tone

Ballet Tone fuses ballet with pilates in a class which is high intensity but low impact. The exercises are done with varying tempos to improve coordination and to keep the muscles active by constantly changing the way they move.

The class really works on the thighs, bum and core, with lots of small repetitive movements. Using the principle of isometric contraction to build strength and lean muscle and targeting the accessory muscles to increase your endurance so when you go back to your yoga practice you’ll be able to hold postures for much longer.

Its easy on the joints and there are many modifications for injuries.

Intermediate Vinyasa Flow

A class to extend your practice, challenge yourself, and build to advanced postures, all with a good dose of humour and self-acceptance. Each month we will work towards one fun and intense posture that is the posture of the month. We will create heat through a strong Vinyasa flow, warming, opening and strengthening the parts of the body that lead us to this peak posture. Things you thought you could never do will be offered up layer by layer until you realise you are flying in some crazy twisted arm balance. These balances teach us humility, discipline and play all in good measure. It is about dropping the ego, challenging yourself and having fun. The true yoga is about what happens inside us, and how we act and respond to ourselves and to others, but challenging yourself on the mat helps one reach this place of equanimity in one’s day to day life. The mat is a mirror for the mind, and how we respond to challenges on the mat is invariably how we respond to challenges in life. By presenting ourselves with things slightly outside our comfort zone, we learn to lean into those challenges, breathe, release, let go of ego, smile and find a new and more balanced place within ourselves (and sometimes even balance in a really cool fun posture