Your experience is the teacher

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“There are moments in your life when you have had an experience that you know you will have to carry with you to your grave because you are quite unable to find words with which to communicate the experience to anyone” “You can get someone to teach you things mechanical, or scientific or mathematical like algebra or English or riding a cycle or operating a computer. But in the things that really matter life love, reality, God no one can teach you a thing. All they can do is give you formulas. And as soon as you have a formula you have reality filtered through the mind of someone else” – Anthony de Mello We are giving a formula. A … Read More

Bikram Yoga & the toughest footrace in the world

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Today we wanted to highlight a different angle as to why people do Bikram and what it means to one individual in particular. You may have seen Kevin Webber in the studio virtually every day for the last few weeks and wondered why he always seemed to be here…well Kevin runs ultramarathons and he left on 7th April to compete in The Marathon Des Sables, billed as the toughest footrace in the world. This race involves running 257 kilometres across the Sahara desert over 200 foot sand dunes that go on for 10 miles at a time then climb mountains that require ropes to get over. Not only that but the race is one of self sufficiency so Kevin has … Read More

Treating emotional/psychological issues with Acupuncture

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Many people think of acupuncture as being useful for pain or muscular/skeletal issues, but did you realise acupuncture can be really helpful for psychological/emotional issues? Very often, these correlate with physical symptoms, such as stress or anger causing neck pain, or the feeling of worry that appears in the stomach. Emotional issues can also often manifest themselves in forms of dependency (food,drink,drugs, etc) or phobias. From a traditional acupuncture perspective, every system in our body exerts an effect on our physical and emotional selves. When different systems are out of balance, just as they may create issues with digestion, or headaches, or pain, they can also create issues such as excessive worry, obsessive thinking, jitteriness, nervousness, irrational fear, panic attacks, … Read More

Dealing with obstacles

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With so many people signed up to to the 30 day challenge in January I want to talk about dealing with obstacles and also allowing and accepting things to be as they are. For a lot of you doing yoga every day will be a big step up from your current practice. It takes more time, you will have to plan your schedule and there will be things that crop up along the way which will make it more difficult to get to the studio or tempt you not to come…. Remember the hardest part is getting to the studio!! Be determined and know that whatever you are saying no to in order to come to yoga you can yes … Read More

How boxing and hot yoga go hand in hand

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I am a professional boxer competing at national level and in my last fight (29th October) attending the Hot Yoga Wimbledon classes was a crucial part of my pre fight build up which led to be a success. The victory put me into the top 20 in the United Kingdom. I also gained recognition from Sky Sports in doing so.I am familiar with a wide range of sports and have been actively competing for years. From football, to basketball, to distance running and boxing I have had competitive experiences in all fields. 9 years ago I picked up boxing and have been training and fighting ever since. My training involves running, cycling, swimming, circuits, weights, climbing and other dynamic exercises. … Read More

Calling all warriors!

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A 30 day challenge is 30 classes of yoga in 30 consecutive days. It only takes the human mind 21 days to break old/bad habits….so we made it 30 days just to nail it. And to make it truly a challenge. It will: get you fit help you to lose weight detox your system strengthen your muscles (ones you didn’t know you had ;)) increase your flexibility give you loads of energy help you to sleep help you to breathe help you to focus calm your monkey mind It will start the journey to come home to yourself When you practise yoga every day your practice improves in yards instead of inches. You start to nail some of the things … Read More

Why go on a yoga retreat?

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Creating space in our lives for ourselves is difficult to do. We have so many things that need our attention…work, kids, partner, friends and other stuff that we commit to. Not only that but technology enables us to be more distracted than ever, making it even harder to switch off. Logout and reset. A consequence of this busy-ness and distraction is that often we find ourselves pinballing our way through our day, reacting to one situation then the next, being pulled around whatever emotional state we find ourselves in and not really feeling we have very much choice. We totally lose sight of who we are. Its not until you can pull yourself back a little and create a bit of … Read More

You only need one thing to do yoga..

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You really only need one thing to do yoga. It’s not strength or flexibility or good balance because those things happen anyway. It’s commitment…..commitment to you!! Commitment doesn’t just mean going to class several times every week, although that’s a big part of it. It also means being present when you are there. Being committed aligns the body and mind. Yoga postures are keys to unlock our bodies. That is why postural alignment is so important. You can’t open the locks with the wrong keys. The posture is the key and alignment is the teeth on the key which open the door. A teacher will guide you but you have to find the grooves which fit the lock of your … Read More

Good yoga alignment is a process

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To keep you healthy, free from injury and to maximise the benefit of your yoga practice, finding the correct alignment for your body is vitally important. Alignment of the joints by stacking them on top of each other or in the same plane of movement puts the least amount of strain on the ligaments and is the most efficient position for the body. Knees, wrists, shoulders & vertebrae in the neck and spine can become strained, inflamed or damaged if the body moves in a way which doesn’t work in harmony with them, especially if that movement is repeated often, so awareness of what you are doing is really important. If you’re not sure about something, get hold of a … Read More

What is your relationship with the heat?

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Over the many years I have spent teaching and practising in the heat, I have found it to be a very powerful teacher. Its taught me that even in the most difficult conditions I can remain calm. Its fiercely taught me to connect with myself when things are tough. Its taught me how to use my breath to get me through the challenges in my class as well as my life. I’ve learnt to go slowly, find my boundaries, place emphasis on my breathing and pace myself. Its taught me to get out of my head and feel what’s going on in my body. That connection has taught me to respect, love and take care of my body. Through its … Read More