The Inner Critic

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“Judgement isn’t bad or good … it just isn’t true” – Adyashanti I’ve put the picture here of me falling on my arse while trying to do an arm balance. When this picture was taken I was feeling pretty silly, especially as the other two were doing it great. My inner judgement then and even now when I look at this shot, is that I should have been able to do it.. but that’s not what happened. These kinds of experiences can really sabotage your yoga practice..not because a bad thing is happening but because of your inner critical voice. You can fall down and that’s the reality but its what you say to yourself about it that creates the … Read More

What are you focusing on?

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When I first started doing yoga I was a fidgeter. The sweat, the heat, the energy racing through my body, the uncomfortable sensations, my moving towel, wanting to drink all the time… fixing my shorts….all got my attention. What yoga taught me was the art of mental focus. By learning to feel all these things without reacting to them and staying with my breath and my gaze… the fidgeting slowly fell away. Savasana was the hardest… the urge to get up an leave was so strong. So I challenged myself to stay for 10 breaths before getting up…. then 20 breaths.The more I practised doing this the less the urge came and the stillness was easier to find. What I … Read More

Can yoga help with addiction?

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When you shut down emotion, you’re also affecting you immune system, your nervous system. So the repression of emotion, which is a survival strategy, then becomes a source of physiological illness later on. — Gabor Maté We live in behaviour patterns and rituals. They are so intimate to us that we are unable to see them most of the time. It’s not that we have to wait to catch these patterns and rituals, they’re like buses which are continuously passing through us. We just need to step back and create a little space, which in turn gives us choice to see if we wish to carry on these behaviours At the moment there are many sources of addictions which afflict … Read More

Honour your boundaries

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Christmas is a lovely time. Connecting with people, giving gifts and sharing food are great for the soul. The one time of the year which is really about celebration. The downside of it is every year people seem to get a bit flipping crazy. If you feel like Christmas can be totally overwhelming with the amount of spending on stuff we don’t need and over consumption that we all get caught up in, you’re not alone. I personally witness it every year as the studio gets more and more quiet as we we head towards Christmas and people forget about taking care of them selves. Then January turns into a month long hangover of guilt where every body gives up … Read More

How Acupuncture Balances the Six Emotions

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In traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the relationship between health and emotions are extremely important, and when I am diagnosing illness, I always examine the persons emotional balance to help correct any underlying causes which may exacerbate problems. Some people may wonder how emotions can interfere with the physical body, but if you have ever felt angry or stressed and then noticed how neck pain can develop soon after as the anger aggravates ligaments and tendons through the liver organ, you can see the reality of this. The phrase “a pain in the neck” wasn’t just plucked out of thin air. Frustration and anger cause neck pain! The six emotions as detailed in the Nei jing (a classic study of … Read More

Yoga practice not perfection

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One of the cool and fun things about yoga is exploring. Yoga provides a vehicle for constant learning and creates possibilities for trying something new everyday……even if that thing is something you already know, but taking a new approach. Growth is a vital component of human happiness…even if the process can be difficult or a pain in the bum. We’re happy when we’re learning/teaching something, helping someone or making something better – either with ourselves or another. Look in your life where your growing: career, spiritually, financially, relationships, creatively, yoga practice, health, eating better. Whatever it is, it’s ALIVE!! If an area of our life doesn’t have an aspect of growth within it, it can often feel very stagnant. Learning … Read More

Yoga & your relationship with time

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“Yoga doesn’t take time…. It gives us time” We’re living in an age where our relationship with time is changing. We want everything done quickly. Our whole experience of life is speeding up. This is why practices like yoga and meditation are really important to keep us in check….to create the balance and keep us in touch with things that need time to master. In doing something slow because that’s the only way it can be done, a tremendous amount can be discovered. Our experience is deeper, richer and has more layers. By taking time we are open to possibilities. When we rush through our practice we miss the layers of our postures, our body, our being and our experience. … Read More

Why I saw Healers and how that decision changed my life.

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It’s probably been a little over 9 months since I started a conscious ‘healing’ process at Hot Yoga Wimbledon: a studio I have been practicing yoga at for coming onto 3 years and working as a receptionist for a year now. I’ve seen the studio diversify from being a Bikram only space to an accommodating centre for the healing of individuals and by extension our ever growing community south of the Thames. A little about where I was when I started. At the ‘young’ age of 24 I’ve never felt older. Working two jobs and taking care of my slightly younger severely autistic brother had definitely given me a sense of responsibility I had not previously experienced. I come from … Read More

Meditation is the next step

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Vinyasa Yin (25)

Most people start running for the hills at the mention of meditation!! It seems to be a four letter word!! I often say if you find it difficult to be still and with yourself, then how is anyone else going to want to be with you? Once you take away all the cliches around meditation it simply boils down to silently sitting with yourself and allowing everything to be as it is. Every emotion, every sensation, every thought. Everything as it is!! We are a creature that is constantly doing, doing, doing and so it a huge shift to suddenly stop and do nothing. But as we start cultivating this space, something happens to us on a deeper and more … Read More

Qigong to aid digestion

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Here are 2 simple and practical steps to transforming food into energy in 10 mins instead of 2-3 hours. (a simple advanced (Qigong) digestion video you can follow) 1. The stomach has no teeth…(so we need to chew more.) Our diet these days seems to conform to the demands of the marketplace and many people tend to eat quick, easy, tasty meals as they rush through life at a hectic pace. This is obvious and yet these days, we often tend to eat too quickly or on the go while multitasking and therefore the stomach receives food without it having been chewed enough. Research also shows that increasing the number of chews before swallowing reduces meal size by up to … Read More