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We’ve developed a range of classes where there is something for everybody

Whatever your yoga ability, daily schedule or fitness level: all our classes deliver the same physical and mental benefits, and will all change you from the inside out. Through the discipline of a regular yoga practice, we can learn to become more disciplined in other areas of our lives.

Warm Vinyasa Flow

These energising yoga classes are for those working at beginner or intermediate level with variations of postures being given to accommodate mixed abilities. The classes are taught in moderated heat(38 degrees), which is ideal for safely encouraging flexibility and allowing a gentle detoxification process. These are accessible dynamic, flowing classes rooted in the practices of Vinyasa Flow yoga. By moving from posture to posture with a linking Vinyasa, the body is realigned in preparation for the next posture and the body’s internal heat is increased. Strength, flexibility, grounding and stamina are enhanced. The focus is on establishing the key foundations of yoga. Synchronising breath to movement, building internal core strength and general strength and flexibility.

Bikram Yoga 90

90 minute class

The original hot yoga sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. It has stood the test of time because this system just works! 26 postures which are repeated twice. The sequence is always the same, which allows us to focus on proper alignment and helping to improving our breathing. Through its repetition it gives us great foundations to grow a powerful practice. This class works on all levels and is good for new students to give them physical strength, flexibility, balance and stamina while honing your mental focus and emotional well-being.

Bikram Yoga 60

60 minute class

All of the above, we’ve just managed to squeeze it all into just one hour, so it’s absolutely ideal for before and after work. And don’t worry… it still delivers all the benefits and feel-good results. This class works harder on your stamina and cardiovascular system and really helps to build your 90 mins classes.

Yang/Yin Yoga

The main focus of this class is to observe and understand energy as it moves through our body...... This class starts with a series of soft deep stretches on the floor and then transitions to a more dynamic series of standing postures to get the energy moving through the body. It then slowly moves back onto the floor to work on deep Yin stretches targeting the areas between the navel and the knees and to balance the energies out. Holding these postures for several minutes allows us to start to work on deeper levels of our practice...physical, mental and emotional.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is a wonderful introduction to yoga, so great for beginners. It's slow and deep. Giving us time and space to connect with the body. And Instead of telling the body what to do we start to listen.....
Yin classes are about deep passive stretches which target the connective tissue and ligaments of the hips, pelvis and lower back. Great for people with injuries. The postures are mainly seated or lying down and are held for 3-5 minutes. A Yin practice improves flexibility and mobility in the joints. It facilitates the release of tension and blockages. It also reduces stress and encourages mindfulness. No need for heat in the practice.

If you've never done Yin Yoga... Then you've never really done yoga... Giving our self and our body time is the magic ingredient in this practice.

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