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Christmas is a lovely time. Connecting with people, giving gifts and sharing food are great for the soul. The one time of the year which is really about celebration.

The downside of it is every year people seem to get a bit flipping crazy.

If you feel like Christmas can be totally overwhelming with the amount of spending on stuff we don’t need and over consumption that we all get caught up in, you’re not alone.

I personally witness it every year as the studio gets more and more quiet as we we head towards Christmas and people forget about taking care of them selves. Then January turns into a month long hangover of guilt where every body gives up drinking, tries to save money and lose the weight they’ve put on in December. Nuts right?

Its not good for us and its not good for our planet…but we do it very year. How about we change it?

I think it is possible to create some balance in all of this and maintain a level of mindfulness …so that when the new year arrives we are already on the right track, feeling energised and positive about ourselves.

Something I do if I feel I’ve overindulged to create balance is fasting. Ayurveda recommends a daily fast for 12 hours between your last meal and breakfast, to give your digestive system enough time to rest and for your body to detox and rejuvenate from the day before. Simply put, if you eat dinner at 7.30pm you don’t eat again until 7.30am the next morning.

Extending that window up to 16 hours, a couple of times a week, really gives the system a break and has benefits for brain health, cell regeneration and reduction of inflammation. I tried intermittent fasting a few years ago when my blood sugar levels were getting worryingly high and 6 months later they were back to normal. Its really worked to help me keep my weight down and importantly for me, keeps my energy up.

Balanced blood sugar is key to keeping your weight under control and stabilising your mood. In the new year we will be doing a nutrition workshop which deals with this subject specifically and its importance for looking after your health and preventing disease.

Stress releases a lot of extra cortisol your system and you’re more likely to hold on to weight if you’re stress levels are high. Yoga is of course the best way to balance your stress levels. So is meditation. Just 10 minutes of sitting silently or even 2-5 minutes of mindful breathing, works wonders.

Stay in touch with moving your body in some form. Its really important in order to maintain some level of physical and emotional equilibrium. A goal of maintaining some kind of consistency with your practice is what matters…even if its less than you’re used to but enough so that it doesn’t fall through the floor. That way you avoid having to rebuild from scratch after a few weeks out.

Accept less than perfect. If you miss a class rather than beat yourself up and getting stressed out about it/throwing the baby out with the bathwater until January, strengthen your resolve to get to the next one you can fit in.

I always find when I’m practising consistently I’m more in tune with my boundaries and knowing when is enough. I eat better, sleep better, worry less and make better choices for my well being generally.

I think being aware of your boundaries is a big part of enjoying the festivities rather than getting totally wiped out by them. Knowing how to say no when you need to. Acknowledging your physical and emotional needs as well rather than being totally focused on trying to please every body else.

Keep your balance 😉

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