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About Us

Yoga is the perfect vehicle to start change. Which is exactly what happened to Raj when he discovered Bikram yoga! Stressed to the max and burned out through years of working in the restaurant business, Bikram yoga began his road to sanity.
After practicing for several years he decided to go to teacher training in 2008 and after teaching around various studio’s in London for a few years, Raj opened the studio in 2011, wanting to create a sanctuary where the stress of the outside world fades out the moment you walk through the door, you relax and by the time you leave you feel nourished, de-stressed, calm and centred.

Great people are key and the genuinely helpful staff and talented teachers are all passionate about taking you on your personal yoga journey. We know first hand what the benefits of  yoga are and what it can bring to new students of any background, age, or  fitness level. We look forward to introducing you to them at the studio.

Our team are dedicated to providing you with the best experience and will strive to help you breakthrough any challenges you may face to do so. Whether you are a hot room novice or a veteran or coping with an injury, we aim to look after all of you and make your yoga journey a great one.

Our range of class options mean you can practice what you need, when you need. Please see the schedule for more details.