Hot Yoga Wimbledon Motif

Your hot, warm or cool yoga classes in Wimbledon

Words cannot truly express the value of yoga: it has to be experienced!

We boast 2 beautiful studios. The hot room, which has turned into our healing room over the 7ish years we’ve been around… and studio 2 which is our ambient studio on the ground floor. This studio offers a wide range of classes, including basics classes at the weekends for our new students, so they can get their heads around the different shapes before making their way up to the heat.

All yoga is simply connecting movement to breath.… oh… and making different shapes with our bodies. How much simpler could it be?

We add heat because it brings all kinds of extra benefits. The heat warms your muscles so that you’re able to stretch and move more freely and, at the same time, helping you to lose weight and detoxify your body.

We offer several different styles of yoga, so that you can move your body in different ways. A variety of movement, which uses the body completely, is not only good for overall balance, it’s great for the mind as it keeps us stimulated and present.

The breath is the foundation and the key to all yoga.

It is the tool you can use to bring your system from an overworked and overstimulated state to a calm, relaxed and grounded one. It eases stress and anxiety which are epidemic in our modern lives.

All of our teachers have been carefully chosen and have their own unique backgrounds, experience and styles.

We encourage you to try classes with all of them and find the teachers who bring out the best in you and your practice. Expect to be warmly welcomed and to meet a community of people who are passionate about life changing yoga!

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